Sign the charter

Everyone can act at their level for Posidonia banquettes

Whether you are a beach manager, a businessperson, a tourist or a resident, everyone can play a role in preserving Posidonia banquettes.

You can act on a personal level, as a citizen and user of the beach but also within the framework of your profession if you wish.

Click below on the different profiles to discover them and see which profiles best fits you.

You can choose one or more profiles and therefore act under several different profiles at the same time.  You can also select multiple commitments from the same profile.

For example, I am a beach user: I act by agreeing to lay my towel on the Posidonia banquette without complaining but as I am also a teacher, I also choose to organize a field trip to the beach this fall with my students! And in any case, I choose to disseminate the information around me to make the assets of Posidonia banquettes better known!